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If you are a single woman looking for the opportunity to meet single men who can be your potential boyfriend, it is always a good idea that you first know where to look. Keep in mind that certain places particular profiles of men. For instance, a common mistake of women is to find love in a bar. In reality, most single men who go to bar are only looking for fun. They also tend to get drunk, thus, you don’t expect something serious out of this kind of encounter.

Where exactly do you meet good single men? Here are some places that you might want to check.

Coffee shops

Men love their coffee. If you plan on having a good conversation with single men, then it is a coffee shop where you want to go. Coffee shops can give you the opportunity to just sit and relax and even enjoy the ambiance provided by the coffee shops. A lot of men also tend to talk more when they had their coffee. This gives you the opportunity to know them more.


A lot of people won’t recommend having a romantic relationship with a workmate, but this is something that can’t be controlled. The good thing about meeting someone at work is that you can easily connect with them. You can even spend some after work hours with them. Workplaces can also be a good way to develop trust and camaraderie. This means that you can be friends first before you decide to really date and see each other regularly.


There are a lot of couples who met in college. Why is it that college is one of the best places to meet someone who is single? A lot of young and single men would want to build on their skills in order to have a good career in the future. If you want someone who is ambitious and smart, dating a college guy is a way to go.


Men also love to stay fit. If you like someone who is attractive, why not sign up in a gym? Local gyms do have a good number of men with raging testosterone. But of course, you have to be subtle with your advances if your intention is to date someone from your local gym. A lot of men will find it annoying if you are going to bother them on their workouts.

Parties of friends

Is there a party hosted by a close friend of yours? This can be an opportunity to meet someone new. The good thing about attending your friends’ parties is that you will get to meet new people. You will be able to meet someone who is not too far away from your social circle. This means that you know someone in common.

A lot of ladies find it difficult to find single men that fits their taste. If you are going to find men, might as well try to go for these options first before exploring your online dating option. Online dating can be good, but it can also have its drawbacks. For instance, expect to meet some weird individuals if you ever go for online dating.

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